Director, Text & Designer:
Danny Yung


Collective Creation & Performers (Nanjing):
Cao Zhiwei, Liu Xiaoyun
Qian Wei, Sun Jing, Sun Yijun
Xu Sijia, Yang Yang
Zhao Yutao, Zhu Hong 

Contempt 2014
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
26-27/9 (Fri, Sat) 8:15pm

Presented & Produced by Zuni Icosahedron

In Collaboration with Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Kun Oprea House

Contempt 2014 is a laboratory for experiments. Nine young Kunqu opera artists from the Jiangsu Province will boldly infuse issues of their concerns into the time and space of the theatre, and develop them into the first ever theatre collective creation by both traditional and contemporary artists in the mainland.


With such arts, thus we have such a society? Or, with such a society, thus we have such arts? Artists are like the Toki, an endangered species, or they could be indulgent and arrogant frogs at the bottom of a well. They could choose to be looked at by people in a zoo, or they could strengthen themselves and get out of their cage, and open up a new world for themselves. Contempt 2014 is truly a laboratory where we look at the sky with a very limited view.


Ticket Price: $280


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Group Booking +852 2566 9696 /
Programme Enquiries + 852 2566 9696
Ticketing Enquiries + 852 3761 6661



Running time approximately 80 minutes with no intermission
Performed in Putonghua, with Chinese & English text


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