Danny Yung

Directors/ Performing Artists:

Tian Mansha (Chengdu)
Wei Yingchuan (Taipei)
Makoto Matsushima
Shimizu Shinjin (Tokyo)
Astad Deboo (Bombay) 

Video Circle 2000
Installation Performance (Berlin)
Gallery, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Festival of Vision – Hong Kong in Berlin 

Video Circle 2000 composes of a video art installation exhibition and a live performance programme. Live performance programme involves performing artists from Asia cities to have exchange performances inside the installation. The whole project involves participation of 108 artists from all over Asia-Pacific and 10 artists from Berlin. The installation is composed of 32 sets of televisions and video players arranged in a circle with the monitors facing inward. A same video image were shown on each monitor with a three-second delay to the previous screen in a counterclockwise sequence. in-between the monitors are gaps approximately the width of monitors, making the circumference composed of 64 "elements". The 64 criss-crossing of the "Real" and "Virtual" arrangement is derived and inspired from one of the oldest Chinese classic on communication: Book of Change (Yi Ching).

Video Circle 2000 installation exhibition (Berlin) date: 29/7-10/92000 

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