Director, Text, Stage Design:
Danny Yung


Ke Jun (Nanjing)
Yang Yang (Nanjing)
David Yeung


Live Percussion:
Li Lite (Nanjing)


Steve Hui Ngo-shan (NERVE) 


Costume Design:
Barney Cheng

Flee by Night
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
9-10/10 (Fri, Sat) 8pm
11/10 (Sun) 3pm

Presented & Produced by Zuni Icosahedron

Co-commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2010 and Zuni Icosahedron

Following The Outcast General and the award-winning Tears of Barren Hill, Danny Yung brings a finale to his "Trilogy of Experimental Traditional Opera" with Flee by Night, a one-act Kunqu opera that puts the wusheng role (martial) to its highest challenge.


Flee by Night is one of the two surviving acts from the play The Legend of the Precious Sword written by the Mid-Ming playwright Li Kaixian. It tells the story of Lin Chong, one of the famous 108 Liangshan heroes from the Chinese classic novel Water Margin. Lin Chong, an honourable man and the chief instructor of the Imperial Guards, was framed and persecuted by malicious court officials. He was being hunted, and had no alternatives but to join the band of Liangshan outlaws. He was so overwhelmed with desolation and frustration that he started to weep for his star-crossed destiny.


Ticket Price: $280, $190
Full-time students: $100

Tickets NOW available at URBTIX, with various discount schemes.




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