Artistic Director:
Sato Makoto


Director & Set Designer:
tupera tupera


Director & Choreographer:
Takeya Keiko


Lighting Designer:
Yokohara Yuu


Sound Designer:
Shima Takeshi


Takeya Keiko
Kubo Tsuneo
Kohta Kadoaki
(live music) Isoda Osamu

Za-Koenji Repertoire Ping-Pong
Multimedia Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
7-8/8 (Fri, Sat) 7:30pm
8-9/8 (Sat, Sun) 3pm

Presented by Zuni Icosahedron

Produced by Za-Koenji Public Theatre (Tokyo), NPO Creative Theatre Network

World Tour – Hong Kong Stop

Recommended Work of the Children Welfare Cultural Awards 2012 of Japan 

(Suitable for children for 4 years old or above)

A girl finds herself in a fantasy world.
She meets Ping and Pong, and they travel together.
Come and join them on this journey without words, into a world made of colorful ping pong balls.


Sato Makoto, director of Za-Koenji Public Theatre, and the illustration duo, tupera tupera come together in creating a simple, heart-warming theatre experience.


To wander into a strange world of adventure is the dream of many children. What if ping-pong balls were alive? Children are invited to free their imagination, and share the warmth of family, the importance of friendship, and the joys of living.


Colorful ping-pong balls jumping all over stage, live music that doubles the fun, delightful songs that invite the audience to join in, and breathtaking dances, all come together to release the child’s imagery. The play is fun for families to watch together, and recommend for a child’s first theatre experience. “Kindness” and “Sympathy” are illustrated through a simple story. Every day things that surround the child, such as ping-pong balls, spoons, hair dryers, and umbrellas are used to tell the story, which enhances the child’s imagination, introducing them to the magic of theatre.


Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2015


Ticket price: $250
Full-time students & children under 12 years of age: $100

Tickets NOW available at URBTIX, with various discount schemes.


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