Creation & Performance:
Xing Liang, Dick Wong 

0 | 2
Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
14-15/11 (Fri, Sat) 8pm
16/11 (Sun) 3pm

Commissioned & Produced by Zuni Icosahedron

A New Vision Arts Festival 2014 Programme

None is nought, double is two, 0 | 2 relates to one.


One, can be the only one, and the only one is unique, is the self, is something that nothing can compare to. However, no matter it is a case of conquering others or overcoming oneself, the point is not about who, but about combating.


One, can be the richest chaotic whole. It is said in Shuowen Jiezi (Explaining and Analysing Characters, a Chinese dictionary from the Han Dynasty in the early 2nd Century), “In the beginning of the universe, the chaotic state is one, and then the two of heaven and earth were formed, and between heaven and earth men were evolved, and then everything came into being.” Apart from the philosophical and ephemeral state, chaos is a nonlinear system in physics. It is both fixed and random, a coexistence of certainty and haphazardness, full of dialectic.


Both are one, but this one and that one is different, and is exactly the contrast between Xing Liang and Dick Wong. One is professionally trained, and the other one is totally self-taught. One is good at handling the moving and changing body in time and space, while the other one concentrates on concept and thinking.

0 | 2 is a battle of the “selves”, a struggle between individuality and integration.

0 | 2 is chaos in order, and order in chaos, a very distinct entanglement.



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Running time no less than 70 minutes with no intermission 

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