Artistic Director & Chief Curator:
Danny Yung

Gong Yan

Makoto Matsushima
Kanji Shimizu
I Wayan Dibia
Liu Xiaoyi
Yang Yang, Zhu Hong
Zhao Yutao, Qian Wei
Sun Jing, Xu Sijia
Cao Zhiwei, Sun Yijun
Liu Xiaoyun

Steve Hui

Toki International Arts Festival - One Table Two Chairs 2014
Theatre, Power Station of Art (Shanghai)
1-4/1/2014 (Wed-Sat) 7pm

Co-Presented & Produced by: Power Station of Art, Zuni Icosahedron, Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Kun Opera House, Japan Foundation

In Association With: Za-Koenji Public Theare, Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture

Toki International Arts Festival is part of the "Toki Experimental Project - Preservation and Development of the Traditional Performing Arts", which encompasses a rich programme of workshops, lectures, creative camps as well as an arts festival. The project is an endeavor to enhance interaction between Asian performing arts masters and young Kunqu opera artists, to facilitate young traditional performing artists who are well grounded in traditional knowledge and techniques, and to attempt to stimulate innovation and experimentation in the context that traditional performing arts sees immense challenges for its development and preservation.


Five "One Table Two Chairs" stage experiments, plus Toki Letter #2: Contempt were staged during the festival.


(1) Notebook
Makoto Matsushima (Contemporary theatre, Tokyo), Zhu Hong (Kunqu opera, Nanjing)

(2) Fifteen
Liu Xiaoyi (Contemporary theatre, Singapore), Sun Yijun, Qian Wei, Cao Zhiwei (Kunqu opera, Nanjing)

(3) King and Mask
I Wayan Dibia (Bali classical dance, Denpensar), Liu Xiaoyun, Yang Yang, Zhao Yutao (Kunqu opera, Nanjing)

(4) According to Legend
Danny Yung (Contemporary theatre, Hong Kong), Liu Xiaoyi (Contemporary theatre, Singapore), Sun Jing (Kunqu opera, Nanjing)

(5) Station
Makoto Sako (Contemporary theatre, Tokyo), Kanji Shimizu (Noh theatre, Tokyo), Xu Sijia (Kunqu opera, Nanjing)


Toki Letter #2: Contempt
Director: Danny Yung
Performers: Makoto Matsushima (Tokyo), Yang Yang, Zhu Hong, Zhao Yutao, Qian Wei, Sun Jing, Xu Sijia, Cao Zhiwei, Sun Yijun, Liu Xiaoyun

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    Eileen Chang 100

    Read Sing Eileen Chang

    Zuni YouTube Channel Broadcasting

    30.5.2020 (SAT) Read Sing MV Premiere

    6.6.2020 (SAT) Live Streaming Performance


    Read Sing Eileen Chang

    Based on Eileen Chang's works

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