Shi Xiaomei (Nanjing)
Li Hongliang (Nanjing)


Zhang Hong (Nanjing)


Producer/ Director & Designer:
Mathias Woo


Chi Lingyun (Nanjing)


Live Music Performance:
Dai Peide (Nanjing)
Xu Jianmin (Nanjing)

A Tale of The Forbidden City (The 4th Run)
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
6-7/12/2013 (Fri, Sat) 8:15pm

Presented & Produced by Zuni Icosahedron


A Tale of the Forbidden City is an original Kunqu opera performance commissioned by the “Architecture is Art Festival” in 2009. It was invited to participate in “The 5th Chinese Kunqu Opera Art Festival” in Suzhou.


Chongzhen Emperor, the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, meets the spirit of Kuai Xiang, the architect, who designed the Forbidden City Palace more than 200 years ago. They sang as they strolled along the north-south central axis upon which the Forbidden City was built. They passed through the Meridian Gate, headed north and got out of the Forbidden City. The emperor climbed up Meishan (Coal Hill) and came to the last part of his life’s journey. That was also the end of the Ming Dynasty which lasted 300 years. Under the guide of the architect, Chongzhen reviewed the intention of building the world’s largest wooden-structure palace city. He sighed upon the fleeting changes between the material palace and the spiritual concept of home and country. The emperor eventually completed the last rites of his departure from home, from country, from his ancestors and gave offering to and bade farewell to the palace.


Ticket Price: $240, $420


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Running time approximately 100 minutes without intermission.
With Chinese & English surtitles.


Acknowledgement: Jiangsu Performing Art s Group Kun Opera House 

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