Artistic Directors / Curators:
Danny Yung (Asia Program)
Johannes Odenthal (Germany Program)

Tian Mansha (Chengdu)
Zhu Ming (Beijing)
Jane Lei (Macau)
Edwin Lung (Hong Kong)
Wei Yingchuan (Taipei)
Makoto Matsushima (Tokyo)
Shimizu Shinjin (Tokyo)
Astad Deboo (Bombay)
Sincha Hong (Seoul)
Seongjoo Joh &
Hobin Park (Seoul)
Thomas Lehmen (Berlin)
Christopher Kondek (Berlin)
Ann-Christin Rommen (Cologne)
Rilo Chmielorz (Cologne)
VA Wolfl (Dusseldorf) 

One Table Two Chairs (Berlin)
Bamboo Pavilion - an outdoor installation at Haus der Kulturen der Welt , Berlin
12-13, 17-19/8/2000

Festival of Vision – Hong Kong in Berlin 

Artists from different cities and different disciplines were invited to create a series of short performances of 20 minutes each. These short pieces share the same framework of two performers and one table two chairs as backdrop. In the year 2000, One Table Two Chairs started off from Hong Kong in April, then it continued its journey to Berlin in July and returned to Hong Kong for its final stage in November, spanning the "Journey 2000 Festival" and the "Festival of Vision: Hong Kong/ Berlin", the two cultural events of the year. Artists involved this year came from Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Chengdu, Macau, Taipei, Bombay, Hong Kong and several German cities. This series of "One Table Two Chairs" succeeded one step further in realizing the creative collaboration concept of cross-culture, cross-discipline and cross-region, and created a dialogue and a cultural exchange among the participants which would be continuing and expanding. 

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