Director, Designer & Text:
Mathias Woo


Theresa Leung


Music Director & Composer:
Yu Yat-yiu @ PMPS


Vocal Performance Producer:
Rosaline Pi 


Costume Design:


Guest Performers:
Yuri Ng, Kao Jo-shan (Taipei)
He Yanqi (Shanghai)


David Yeung, Dick Wong
Luka Wong


Vocal Performance:
Soloists in Action
(Canny Chan, Cedric Chan
May Chan, Ricky Tsang
JordenTse, Mylthine Wong) 

The Book of Changes
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
11-12/12 (Fri, Sat) 8:15pm

Presented & Produced by Zuni Icosahedron

Time and Space, the Chinese Way

Yuan Heng Li Zhen — the first hexagram Qian in the Book of Changes.


"Yuan, the sustainability of virtues;
Heng, the convergence of glories;
Li, the harmony of mutual benefits;
Zhen, the persistence of undertakings"

— Commentary on the texts of Qian


Yuan: virtues well-established and well-tested over time
Heng: the gathering of affairs that are worth celebrating
Li: mutual benefits give rise to harmonious environments
Zhen: undertaking with motivation and persistence


Yuan Heng Li Zhen refers to the way a gentleman carries out his undertakings without compromise by upholding well-established virtues and striving for the interests and happiness of the people.


Ticket price: $480, $280, $190
Full-time students: $100

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