Director & Designer:
Mathias Woo


Jimmy Ngai, Mathias Woo


Prof. Ho Puay Peng


Kao Jo-shan (Taipei)
as Lin Huiyin & Zhang Xin
Tsuei Tai-ho (Taipei)
as Liang Sicheng & Pan Shiyi 

One Hundred Years of Chinese Architecture
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
4-5/12 (Fri, Sat) 8:15pm
6/12 (Sun) 3pm

Presented & Produced by Zuni Icosahedron

A Performance of the Liberal Study Series on "Modern China"


The history of Chinese architecture as told through the stories of two couples almost a century apart. Liang Sicheng, the Father of Modern Chinese Architecture, and his wife Lin Huiyin, the first female architect in China, dedicated their lives to the preservation of ancient Chinese architecture. Zhang Xin and her husband Pan Shiyi, the most successful real estate developers in China, introduced Western hip, urban architecture to the country. Romance and profit; living and existing. From the poetry and romance of architecture to the profits and reality of architecture. Two couples stand out, bookending this particular hundred years of time, and of architecture in China.


Ticket price: $480, $280, $190
Full-time students: $100

Tickets NOW available at URBTIX, with various discount schemes.





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  • 23-11-2019
    Theatre and Architecture Talk
    "Quick Architecture: From Kindergarten to Puppet Theatre"
    Presented by Zuni Icosahedron
    Present in Japanese with Cantonese translation
    23.11 (Sat) 4-6pm
    Venue: Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
  • 12-11-2019

    Professional Series

    This Professional Series is designed for stage technical professionals and college students in a related field. In the Real Location of Z Innovation Lab, our technical partners and designers will give workshops and talks with in-depth explanations of the design and application of technologies such as digital lighting, soundscape, multimedia server base system and mixed reality.

    12-20 Nov 2019
    Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
    Enrollment & Detail

  • 09-11-2019

    HKCC-AR Journey in Time
    Installation of a giant bamboo flower plaque (fa paai)

    The Hong Kong Cultural Centre was previously the location of Kowloon Railway Station. To celebrate the Centre’s 30th anniversary, Zuni has adopted state-of-the-art technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) in conjunction with the Soundscape system to recreate the sound and scene of the former Kowloon Railway Station. The anniversary is also celebrated with the installation of a giant bamboo flower plaque (fa paai) hand-crafted traditionally in a modern design.

    “HKCC-AR Journey in Time”
    9-23/11, 9am-11pm
    Foyer, Hong Kong Cultural Centre




  • 29-01-2018

    Zuni presents the Cattle Depot Open House Scheme in collaboration with On & On Theatre Workshop. The Scheme makes the Zuni’s multi-purpose space at Cattle Depot Artist Village available for application for various local art groups and independent arts practitioners for in-house rehearsal. Interested parties are welcome to send in enquiries and applications.

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