Curator, Director & Designer:
Danny Yung


Creation and Performance:
Tian Mansha (Sichuan opera)
Liu Xiaoyi (Contemporary Theatre)
Yang Yang, Zhu Hong (Kunqu Opera) 

Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
21-22/11 (Fri, Sat) 8pm
23/11 (Sun) 3pm

Presented & Produced by Zuni Icosahedron

In Collaboration with Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Kun Opera House, Shanghai Theatre Academy (Tian Mansha Xiqu Studio), Theatre Practice

Memorandum is the latest work of Danny Yung, Co-Artistic Director of Zuni Icosahedron, in 2014. It is a brand new theatre production and conglomeration of literature, history, intangible cultural heritage and contemporary theatre. There will be four experimental short pieces on “memory”, based on the classic works of four deceased Chinese artists, and the works are:


Story of the Stone, also known as Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin, the most controversial of the four great Chinese novels;

The treasure of Kunqu aria, Flee by Night from The Legend of the Precious Sword by Li Kaixian, one of the Eight Talents in the Reign of Jiajing;

Tears of Barren Hill by Cheng Yanqiu, one of the four great Dan (female roles) actors in Peking opera;

The musical, Lao Jiu by Kuo Pao Kun, the best of the theatre in Singapore


Yung gathers together artists from traditional Sichuan opera, Kunqu opera and contemporary theatre in order to search for and examine the issue of memory. It is his attempt to organize personal history and reconstruct collective memory.


Once again, Yung is using the minimal form of the stage of "one table two chairs". This concept of "one table two chairs" has its origin from the abstract and impressionistic style of staging in traditional Chinese opera. Since 1997, Yung has been using this minimal and versatile form of staging, combines it with the minimalist style of contemporary theatre, to create experimental works with artists from various places of the world. Until now, more than 100 artists have been commissioned to participate in this project of trans-regional, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration.



Ticket Price: $180, $280


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Running time approximately 80 minutes with no intermission
Performed in Putonghua, with Chinese & English text 

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  • 04-03-2019

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  • 31-01-2019

    In 2019, the film version of 1587, A Year of No Significance will tour around local schools. With the live commentary, the screening inspires students to analysis history from different angles and stimulate their learning interest by comparing the history of the Ming Dynasty to Hong Kong nowadays.

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  • 29-01-2018

    Zuni presents the Cattle Depot Open House Scheme in collaboration with On & On Theatre Workshop. The Scheme makes the Zuni’s multi-purpose space at Cattle Depot Artist Village available for application for various local art groups and independent arts practitioners for in-house rehearsal. Interested parties are welcome to send in enquiries and applications.

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